Other Kids Friendly Events & Craft Kits

Open Paint:
Through out the month you may see Open Paint session which are great for some family fun. This is not a class format event but a self-paced event. We are there to help and guide you to make something amazing. Choose from a variety of pre-cut stencils and projects when you arrive and add your creativity using our large selection of stains and paints. We have projects ranging from $10+ for kids and adults! If you see another project while your making your open paint project, we can package it up for you to make at home.
Family FUN PYP:
This is a pre register event were you get to pick from a variety of project and stencils. We will guide you through a step by step process of transforming unfinished projects into personalized artistic creations. You will be able to customize your own wood project using our wide selection of stain and paint to make your sign truly one of a kind. 
Craft Kits:
Looking to bring our fun project home? Most our project can be turned into kits for you to do as a family or something to keep the kits busy durning school vacations. Everything is included in the kits from paint, stain, sponges, tools etc. This way you are able to craft anywhere!
For more about our events or to order a kits emails us at [email protected]